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From Penrose Floor Plans and Site Plan deck, one can see that all units at Penrose are mostly on North-South orientation. North direction has unblock view and face Pan Island Expressway (PIE), while South direction has city view facing Sims Drive. 

The setback for units facing PIE side is quite far apart of approximately 30m away, which is actually further than those units at neighboring condo, Sims Urban Oasis. The thickness of the windows for units facing PIE is also thicker at 12 mm to block away the noise.

All of the smaller unit like 1 bedder and 2 bedder stacks are facing the internal part of landscape, while the bigger units 3 bedroom premium are facing external South direction.

There are only 57 units of 1 bedroom (BR) in Penrose and the layout of all 1 bedroom (BR) unit are quite straight forward with kitchen cabinet located after the main door entrance and a good space for proper dining and living area next to the balcony. Most layouts are of rectangular shape. 

Please note that there are only 2 units of 1 Bedroom + Study layout which is located on Block 20 #01-06 (560 sft) and Block 22 #01-14 (570 sft). An Electrolux Washer-cum-dryer is provided in all of the 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom compact types.

Given that the number of 1 bedroom units are very minimal, which represents only 10% out of 566 units in Penrose, we predict they will fly off the shelves pretty quickly even with a higher pricing per square foot basis.

All of the 2 bedroom units at Penrose are quite impressive and thoughtful with all of the floor plans featuring a dumb bell layout which has hardly any void area. This layout is extremely popular with both owner occupied and investor (for rental purpose). Such a layout also gives a spacious feeling as most of the activities area are located in the center and all of the private bedrooms are all tucked into the corner. The common room is able to fit a queen size bed and it is also possible to enclose the kitchen as it is also tucked into the corner.  The materials and unit finishes provided in Penrose are generally quite common to be found on mass market condo. The flooring on common area are porcelain tiles with matching skirting, while the flooring on bedrooms are engineered timber floor. 

Please note that there is only 34 units available for 2 Bedroom + Study layout which has a good space for a big dining table (6-seater) and option to enclose to kitchen. There are only 2 sizes available, which is 797 sft (Block 22) and 807 sft (Block 20). The study area is located in between the second room and common bathroom. For couple who doesn't have kids and would like to convert the study area into a walk-in wardrobe, it is possible to do so. The number of 2 Bedroom units in Penrose represents only 30% (170 units) out of 566 units, which should be quite popular amongst investor buyer as the quantum is small. 


The majority of the units in Penrose condo (approximately 50%) are 3 bedroom units with sizes ranging from 936 to 1184 sft. The layouts of 3 Bedroom compact and premium are quite functional with generous space for living and dining area (can fit a 6-seater table). All of the common bedrooms can fit in a queen size bed, which is quite rare nowadays in a new launch condo. Although the master bedroom can fit a king size bed, however, the remaining walk space will become tight. It is better to stick to queen size bed for master bedroom. The kitchen are mostly U-shaped and comes with a sliding door to enclose it. The kitchen counter top is made of solid surface material coupled with back-painted glass backsplash for cabinets.The difference between the 3 bedroom Compact vs 3 bedroom Premium unit is the additional storage room and household shelter that are present in the 3 Bedroom Premium layout. This kind of floor plan appeals mostly to mid-size family and home-maker residents. A separate Electrolux washer and dryer are also provided in 3 Bedroom Premium unit, whereas a combined washer-cum-dryer is provided for 3 Bedroom Compact type. 


While there are 105 units of 3 Bedroom Compact and 123 units of 3 Bedroom Premium, there is a limited quantity of 3 Bedroom + Study layout of 34 units only. For buyers that would like to have a 4 bedroom unit but is limited in budget, they can consider to opt for 3 BR + Study layout as they may be able to convert the study room into a small bedroom with a single bed. 



Less than 10% of Penrose units types are 4 bedroom. To be exact, there are only 54 units in 3 stacks across Block 20, 22 and 28 with size 1389 - 1399 sft. All 4 bedroom units enjoy internal landscaping pool view in the center. No unit has road facing. The developer has designed the 4 Bedroom layout thoughtfully. The size of the kitchen is big and the dining area is spacious. Thanks to the corner unit layout. Home Shelter is placed next to the main entrance and Storage area is tucked at the back of the kitchen. All of the common bedrooms have access to washrooms and can fit a queen size bed.


Overall, the developer has given a thoughtful design on Penrose floor plans which will appeal to many home-stayers due to its functional and spacious layout. Investors will also be attracted to its clever compact design with attractive pricing for 1 and 2 bedroom units. 

Penrose Condo Site Plan With Distance Measurement

Penrose Floor Plan - Block 20 Sims Drive

There are some Penrose condo facilities that stretch across on the roof top of multi-storey car park on Block 20 to Block 22 such as the leisure deck (lap pool, aqua bubbling decks, pool lounges), gourmet pavilion with BBQ pit, dining pavilion, wine & chill pavilion, and kid's adventure playground. The multi-storey car park (5 levels including basement) is built facing the PIE to provide a good setback from the road to the residential units and can also act as a noise buffer. Moreover, the distance of the units to PIE is approximately 30 meter (see above site plan with measurement) which is even further than those neighboring units at Sims Urban Oasis.

As such the lowest level of residential units on Block 20 and 22 facing North direction starts from level 5 onwards. Please refer to below Penrose floor plans below for Block 20 for clearer overall unit layout. The complete Penrose floor plans showing individual unit can be downloaded from the link above.

Penrose Floor Plan - Block 22 Sims Drive

As mentioned above, the lowest level of residential units on Block 20 and 22 facing North direction starts from level 5 onwards as there is a multi-storey car park built below. Please refer to below Penrose floor plans below for Block 22 for clearer overall unit layout. The complete Penrose floor plans showing individual unit can be downloaded from the link above.

Penrose Floor Plan - Block 26 Sims Drive

Penrose Floor Plan - Block 28 Sims Drive

Penrose Floor Plan - Block 30 Sims Drive

The Penrose floor plan below at Block 30 ground level shows the block houses a 500 sqm Child Care Centre, the bicycle parking area, and residential units for 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom with 2 bath, and 3 bedroom with 2 bath. There are also 12 car parking lots on ground level designated for Child Care Centre. Priority entry to the Child Care will be given to the residents of Penrose. If there is any remaining slots available, it will be open up to the public. The rental from the Child Care Center will be channeled back to the Maintenance Fund of Penrose condo. 

The Penrose floor plan below for block 30 on 18th level shows the sky facilities eg. City View lounge, Starlight lounge, Sky Dining pavilion with BBQ pit and alfresco dining area, accessible toilet. The units type on the 18th floor of block 30 are 2 bedroom premium and 3 bedroom layout.

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